About us

Our Passion for video games is real.

For us, games were always an art. For the past years, they also became a business – a very profitable business. However, we believe, that video games should be considered primarly as an art, and only then as a product.

We – the people who created AAG Studio – are former CEOs, HR managers and marketing experts. But above all we are gamers. Gamers full of passion, which is our driving force.

Partnership with us grants you one important thing – you will keep your independence as a game developer. Of course, we will help you in many ways, we will also share our experience with you but remember – there is always „can”, not „must”. As a publisher, we will never force our ideals into your game. That is because…

This is your project and your rendition

We believe that you, an original creator, know what is best for your game. We believe, that you are the only one that can keep your project cohesive (which is very important).

  • Our mission

    The video games industry is dominanted by corporations which don’t left much space for smaller developers. We want to show the world that every good project can shine brightly – even if there is only one person that stands behind it.

  • You gain

    Full marketing/publishing support. We can also invest in development proces for your game. We will give you a helping hand. We will give you a possibility to show your game to the masses.

  • Give yourself a chance

    You are making a game by yourself? Or maybe you already have a small team that is working on some bigger project? You have only an idea, written down on a piece of paper? Show it to us. Give yourself a chance.

  • Get in touch with us

    You can contact us anytime you want, by e-mail or by contact form that is available within this website. However, we encourage you to check the „for developers” page first!

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